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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eat vegetables

On consuming more fresh vegetables and fewer or no processed foods, our body consequently responds better with cleaner and unclogged arteries, balanced blood sugar and a lower toxic overload in our bodies.

Taking advantage of the seasonal availability of vegetables and the flexibility in purchasing power of the same, sneak in vegetables in every meal. One reason we do not get enough vegetables is because many of us consider them merely a side dish to lunch and dinner. Sneak in leaves as purees in chapatti/parantha dough, fill in veggies in spaghetti or pasta sauce, drop finely chopped veggies into whisked eggs for your egg breakfast. Carrot and celery sticks, cucumber and raddish slices, string beans, peas, tomatoes, colourful bell pepper strips are healthy and contain virtually no calories. Served on a platter, they furnish antioxidants and micro-nutrients at the same time provide their unique taste and a satisfying crunch. Eaten before or along with the main course, they help substantially cut the consumption of calorie dense main course dishes.