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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PEV: plug-in electric vehicles

Plug-in electric vehicles reduce overall carbon emissions by up to 70 percent (100 percent if charged by zero-carbon, renewable energy sources) and lower fuel costs by about 80 percent.

The vehicles running on renewables (like solar and wind) and electric vehicles don’t give a smooth ride. They come with hitches. One of the common problems they all share is the range. Solar power is only produced during daytime. Wind provides power when the wind is blowing. The plug-ins that come with vehicles have their range as well. It’s as far as the vehicle can travel between lengthy recharging.

If we pay close attention we can get rid of the common “range” problem of electric vehicles and intermittent renewables. This problem can be tackled by the two working together. Plug-in vehicles contain a battery pack for energy storage. There is no storage of energy for renewables. It is possible use electric cars and trucks to store energy from renewables. Another logical step can be to install enough renewably powered, high-voltage, fast-charge charging stations. It will ease off the tensions from vehicle owners and make charging more frequent so that long charging periods would not be necessary.

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