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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Municipal waste: reduce-reuse-recycle-recover

Kumar Manish, TNN , 25 July 2009 reports, tonnes of solid waste that lie unattended in large landfill sites in the Indian city of Ahmedabad will soon turn into a goldmine for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The civic body has signed a contract with Creative Co Ltd, a Japanese integrated waste management company, for a INR 500 million project to convert waste into green fuel pellets to fire captive power plants around the city.

The project will also help AMC gain carbon credits which the latter plans to share equally with the partnering agency. Carbon credits are given to enterprises in the developing world that shift to cleaner technologies, cutting energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will focus on the reduce-reuse-recycle-recover' standard in waste management and recycling industries. AMC will be providing 800 tonnes of solid waste per day for the project, of which 90 per cent will be recycled to produce an eco-friendly fuel for industry which can be used instead of conventional fuels.

Initially, pellets will be made as fuel. In the next phase, AMC will be generating electricity. The city produces 2,300 metric tonnes of solid waste a day which, at present, is dumped in Pirana dumping ground. The project will be coming up at Gyaspur where AMC has allocated 25 acres of land for solid waste management (SWM) projects.

The project will ensure a hygienic way of disposing solid waste and earning profits on it.

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