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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar lantern

Alternative Energy reports, a Kansas State University student is combining engineering and nature to design a more affordable and more sustainable lighting source, solar lantern, for those living without electricity. Tai-Wen Ko, Kansas State senior in electrical engineering, is working in collaboration with Justin Curry. Ko is aiming this product for people living in Sub-Saharan Africa. If one waits for providing them electricity in conventional manner then it will take considerable amount of time to light up this part of the earth. Solar lamps are greener and cleaner option than kerosene lamps. Solar lanterns are safe too because they don’t start a fire.

The new solar lantern consists of three main components: a solar panel, battery and a white light-emitting diode. It is is about 30 percent cheaper than the average market value. The usual florescent tubes are not used in these lanterns, because they consume lots of power. Ko is trying to find an alternative to lead-acid battery out of environmental concerns. He is researching on a recycling plan that could be implemented in the Sub-Saharan African region.

Solar panel roads:

Roads with glass solar cell panels capable of generating enough power to support local communities. Under the scheme, a US firm is currently working on a prototype panel that could be embedded into existing roads. The company has received $100,000 grant from the US Department of Transportation. Read more .. ..