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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Organic farming

Organic farming

Dr J D Bapat

The Kheti Virasat Mission (KVM) launched a campaign against the report on organic farming released by the Punjab State Farmers Commission (India) recently. The KVM objects to certain issues raised in the report. The report states that the increased use of organic farming for growing wheat and paddy could prove counter-productive for Punjab.

The Mission organised a discussion on this subject, and another discussion has been scheduled for February. The report has been termed as as baseless. It was mentioned that there are many farmers who opted for organic farming and are cultivating their land with much success. On the contrary there are facts to prove the ill-effects of farming using chemicals. Due to the excessive use of chemicals in farming ground-water in Punjab has become contaminated. The water resources are depleting and productivity level has stagnated. The organic farming increases productivity by more than 50 per cent. At present the returns on agriculture are decreasing.

Source: Indian Express, Jan 11, 2009