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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Low-cost LED save huge energy:

Dr J D Bapat

Based on current results, GaN LED lights in every home and office could cut the proportion of electricity used for lights from 20% to 5%. That means we could close or not need to replace many power stations.

A GaN LED can burn for 100,000 hours. Thus, on average, it needs replacement only after 60 years. Unlike currently available energy-saving bulbs, GaN LED does not contain mercury so disposal is less damaging to the environment. GaN LEDs also have the advantage of turning on instantly and being dimmable.

GaN LEDs, used to illuminate landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the Severn Bridge, are also appearing in camera flashes, mobile phones, torches, bicycle lights and interior bus, train and plane lighting.

If all of the world's light bulbs were replaced with LEDs for a period of 10 years, the following benefits would be realized:

  • Energy savings of 1.9 × 1020 joules
  • Electrical energy consumption would be reduced by terawatt hours
  • Financial savings of $1.83 trillion
  • Carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 10.68 gigatons
  • Crude oil consumption would be reduced by 962 million barrels
  • The number of required global power plants would be reduced by 280

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